Bag Cakes


Perhaps one of my most favourite cakes to make are bag shaped ones. I literally jump at the chance to make one. The aim is to make the cake entirely edible. Normally some inedible pieces may be used for structural reasons. I always communicate to the client to remove the supports before serving.

Here I am sharing two of my favourite bags cakes, especially because of the sweet families who ordered these.

This Mulberry bag was a surprise for the recipient. Her family designed it, ordered it and did all the planning for the cake in secret. They emailed me pictures of some of her favourite things that could go on the cake. She had no idea that a surprise cake was on its way.  I delivered it to their home, and her reaction was great! She loved the bag. Too bad I didn’t manage to take a decent photo that captured the colours nicely.

handbag cake


This sports bag cake needed to incorporate the birthday boy’s interests. His mum finalized all the details after many discussions. She wanted to be perfect for her son and the colours and details needed to match his exact gym bag, shoes etc. I was a bit nervous as the birthday boy came together with his mum to collect the cake. He was overjoyed with the result! And I couldn’t be happier about the reaction!

 edible bag cake

These cute little edible bags aren’t really cakes, but edible vintage suitcases. They are decorations that went on another favourite cake. I decided to add these here just because I thought they looked cute. The wife ordered this cake for her husband. It had the world map on it, and tiny hearts as place pins for all the places they had been to together.

suitcase cake toppers

There are more pictures on the Cake and Cookie Company Facebook page if you would like to see more fun novelty cakes.

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