Elegant Anniversary Cake

Elegant Anniversary Cake

Its always a bit of both, nerves and excitement when ever I am given a free reign on the design. I’m nervous because you can never know for sure how the client will react to their surprise design and excitement because I get to work on design elements that I personally like. Yaay!:) ani1 With last weeks cake, I was sent a rough sketch of a heart with two names and the number “40″. The brief was pretty, elegant and (maybe) floral. I’m not a huge fan of heart shaped cakes but I really enjoy making pretty, classic cakes with bits of lace, some elegant piping and flowers. So that’s all that went into this cake. ani2 I baked two classic Victoria sponge shapes, an 8″ square and an 8″ round. Filled with layers of strawberry jam and freshly made vanilla butter cream. I then cut the round cake right across the middle into two equal halves. To make the heart, I put one two sides of the square, smothered in loads of butter cream and covered in white fondant. I didn’t take any pictures while making this but if you type in “make a heart cake with square and round cakes” several helpful drawings will come up. I used a pearl string mould to make strings of pearls at the base. I hand piped royal icing scrolls, dots and names. Filled selected portions of the cake with hand made roses and cut out flowers. Because I’ve recently played around with cake lace and love it, of course the design had to be doted with bits of edible lace. And the board I did in one of my favorite effects, the quilted look. I finished the design off by painting with hints of silver. ani3 I was told the recipients LOVED the cake! Of course I’m chuffed:) ani4

Bridesmaid Cookie Collection

This is a recent set of bridesmaid cookies ordered by a bride to be. She lives in the USA and ordered these to be posted to her bridesmaids here in the UK.


I went for some curly rectangles as I think they are so chic! plus a bridal gown and a bridesmaid dress. I decided to hand paint some with tiny floral details and pearl piped edges. And lastly, the little quilted designs! I love the quilted look, any excuse to do a quilted design!


These cookies involved some of my favourite cake decoration effects. The quilting look, hand painting and delicate royal icing.


She gave me a free reign with the design but wanted her messages to her bridesmaids to be incorporated in the design.

The cookies were nicely packed in clear plastic cookie bags for freshness and safe travel to their recipients.